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Create, manage & publish new job listings directly into your website. Our simple copy & paste widget makes it easy to find and hire new employees.

Job Listings from Acme Inc.
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Job Listings

Create Job Listings and receive applicants

Create your job listings, add salary, title, category, employment type and more. Embed the widget and start receiving applications directly via E-Mail.

Job Listing from Acme Inc. with Tasks, Description, Skills and more
Apply for this job with CV / Resume, E-Mail, Name fields
Manage Jobs

Edit your job listing in the dashboard

Edit your currently published jobs. Found a typo? No Problem. Change your requirements, type, category, salary and more - anytime.

Edit Screen from an job listing with title, type, category and deadline
Edit screen for the job description
Edit screen for the job location with postal code and homeoffice option
Receive Applications

Get E-Mail Notifications when people apply

Receive your applications directly via E-Mail and never miss one. All informations are contained in your E-Mail - like the CV / Resume, Cover Letter and more. Apply directly to your applicants.

Example E-Mail when a new applicant has applied

Simple pricing. no subscriptions.

We hate subscriptions. Thats why we offer a one-time purchase. Pay once and use it forever - lifetime updates included. You can also try our widget for free for up to 3 job listings.

Pay once, use forever.
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Whats included
  • Embed on Unlimited Website
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